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Jewellery Repairs

If you have any existing Jewellery that has been discarded or forgotten, simply because it is broken or the wrong size, then we can offer you all the free advice you might need, to help you to make a more informed decision about what is best for you.

By looking through your jewellery with you, we can help to remind you which items are still very personal to you, and that you would love to be able to wear again.

Sometimes, a simple 'Clean & Polish' process can be enough to bring that sparkle of life back into your Jewellery. This process can also show up either minor wear, or more serious problems that could risk the future security of the item whilst it is being worn, leading to the loss of any precious or semi-precious stones.


Once any concerns have been recognised, they will be pointed out to the owner, and any necessary repair work will be explained as clearly as possible. Once the owner understands and accepts the steps that are necessary to return the item to its original glory, a quote shall be given either for the complete work or for individual areas. You have the freedom to go ahead with a complete repair, or to have the most important areas handled immediately with a view to any follow-up work being carried out at a later visit.

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Before repair:

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After repair:

Jewellery Services
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